Jacob Roush

is a fullstack software engineer who is slinging Javascript in the land of corn.

Based out of Des Moines, Iowa 🌽. I work as a Software Engineer at Pella Corp where I'm leading a mobile app team.

I've been writing code for

new Date().getFullYear() - 2016

years. At this point I dream in JavaScript. Node.js, React and Next.js are some of the technologies which I work with regularly. Whenever I learn something cool pertaining to developing, I enjoy sharing through my blog on the site.

When not at the computer, I enjoy finding the balance between the art and science of cooking and brewing beer.


Worker Thread Hash Cracker

A small node script demonstrating the use of worker threads to parallelize hashing node modules.

Radio Stream Metadata Server

Provides real-time metadata information for a MP3 stream exposed through a WebSocket endpoint.

Spotify Group DJ

A hackathon project from 2018 where I hacked together a spotify web-app which allowed for a group listening session.