AWS Lambda Provisioned Concurrency


A big tradeoff for implementing a serverless architecture is cold start times. The serverless cold-start tax is typically within a few hundred milliseconds but it has been reported that Lambdas executed in the AWS VPC environment to take an upwards of seconds.

What is HTTP 2 and should I care?


As a developer, I began looking into HTTP2 because I noticed Node.js 12.6 was implementing [native support]( As I dug in, it was puzzling why people weren't making a bigger deal out of the update of the 20+ year-old HTTP 1.1 spec.

Gatsby.js and why you should check it out.


I just finished moving my personal website from Gatsby v1 to v2, So I thought now is a good time to talk a about my experience with Gatsby and why you should check it out.

View Network Traffic for Mobile Apps


I've watched a lot of Mr. Robot. I also have been binging two great podcast on hacking/IT security: _Darknet Diaries_ and _Hackable?_. These shows have made me slightly paranoid about application security.

Getting into Web Development


Getting into Web Development can be tough when your first looking it because there is a lot going on. I made a video talking about three different things I've done to gey started in web development.

What type of web hosting do I need?


Hosting can be tough. The hardest part is figuring out exactly what you need. But when you do, you can achieve the maximum performance possible and keep your wallet full. I was able to take my monthly hosting bill from \$10 a month down to around 51¢. This was done by knowing exactly what I needed to host my site. I will be discussing all the types of host I've used for my personal sites, how much I paid, and how I ended up using an S3 bucket for my personal site hosting.

Hello World👋


Hey, thanks for checking this page out.

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